Sahasrara: Into the Void (part 3 of 3)

Sahasrara: Into the Void (part 3 of 3)

The opening of the crown chakra is undoubtedly one of the peak achievements of the spiritual path. One who has his crown chakra open is continuously attentive to the universal wisdom. 

Fusing with formless void.

The first sign of the awakening of the crown chakra is a soft and pleasant tingling sensation at the top of the head. In the next step this vibration becomes very intense almost like a sweet pain that awakens a great longing to be with the divine.
Next that vibration will intensify even more and become more and more refined, expanding awareness into elevated altered states of consciousness which are mysterious but crystal clear. Awareness penetrate spontaneously the subconscious and bring it up to the conscious level where it brought effortlessly into harmony and purity. The inner healing which the Crown Chakra offs is even more complete that what can be attained in years of high class psychotherapy will not have such a healing effect. With the penetration of consciousness into the subconscious the phenomena of lucid dreaming can appear spontaneously.

As the awakening goes deeper, there appears a deep state of detachment for the things of this world, the desires are reabsorbed into a deep and unconditional experience of fulfillment and peace. As the detachment deeps one feels he is returning home at last to real self, beyond and at the center of the body and mind. This is not a mental or verbal experience but a fundamental lucid knowing of the depth of the “I AM”.
The opening at level can also lead to contact and fusion with the non-personal aspect of the divine, perceived as the divine beatific void. Here one perceives a void beyond shape or form, beyond time and relativity. And in this void there is ecstasy.

There are those who will see all these descriptions as being useless, hard to understand and even fictional but in reality this chakra has an important role in our human existence. In the words or Swami Rama:” Even that it (the Crown Chakra) is beyond the mental function, it provides the key through which all the aspects of the experience can be gathered into coherent holistic theory”. Meaning that even is if the reality of the crown chakra is beyond our ordinarily mental understanding, it supplies a kind of “Archimedes point” through which we can understand and put order in all the other aspects of life.

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