Sahasrara: The Crown of the King within (part 2 of 3)

Sahasrara: The Crown of the King within (part 2 of 3)

One who has his crown chakra open is continuously attentive to the universal wisdom. He is fed from the abundance of the supreme reality and therefore he does not depend on the earthly. He is happy, lucid and wears no mask.

Relaying on the Godly goodness and purity.

One who has his Crown Chakra open moves beyond faith, but experiences directly and even continuously the spiritual reality. He would experience the divine nature in every prayer and meditation and even in the day to day life. He has a clear and vivid, intuitive perception of the immensity of the spiritual reality and he feel therefore small and humble in front of that. He is totally absorbed in the divine wisdom, and so his thoughts and speech are quite and full of attention. He is nourished from the abundance of the spiritual reality and is therefore free from any attachment to the material reality. He is overwhelmed again and again by the goodness and purity of the divine, and he gives himself to it again and again unconditionally.

An example of such a total self-giving we find in the life of the Jewish saint, Rabbi Akiva and especially at his death, when continued to pray even while he was tortured to death by the Romans. Another example we can find in the life of Saint Seraphim of Saratov who prayed on his knee for years with praise and love for God. The Indian 20th century saint Bala Yogi would also spend years in silent meditation without saying a word being totally absorbed into the divine consciousness, and his life show clearly an opening on this supreme level.

Bright White Light.

The psychological states which appear on this level are that of detachment and wisdom. At this level comes the clear and direct understanding that every action which springs from selfishness will lead to attachment to the transient and therefore inevitably to suffering. The clarity of this understanding unties the knots of desire and bring to a state of inner liberty which sublime and light as an eagle.

The awakening of this Chakra will not necessarily change the external conditions but will transform fundamentally the way they are perceived. A chines master was asked by his students: “what did you do before you reached enlightenment?”, “chopping woods and carrying water”, he answered. “and now after you have reached enlightenment, what are you doing?”, they asked further, “chopping woods and carrying water, how wonderful it is!” he answered joyfully.

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