Sahasrara: The Crown Centre (part 1 of 3)

Sahasrara: The Crown Centre (part 1 of 3)

The opening of the crown chakra is undoubtedly one of the peak achievements of the spiritual path.

The path of yoga teaches that in every human being there is a spark of sacredness, and that the spiritual peaks are not reserved to only to priests and kings but are accessible to all those who devote themselves to the path. The doorway to these high spiritual realities is the Crown Chakra.

The center of the crown chakra is situated 3 cm above the fontanel at the top of the head, where it rests on the head like a crown. The function of this chakra is to facilitate the functions of consciousness, and to connect the individual to the universal consciousness. Opening this chakra is one of the highest spiritual accomplishments, it is associated with a state of sharp and silent vigilance, lucidity and a continues happiness which does not depend on anything.
In Sanskrit this Chakra is called Sahasrara, which mean the lotus of a thousand petals. This name indicates the complex structure of this chakra which has traditionally 972 energy petals.

Inside this complex structure all the other chakras are reflected. What makes the Crown Chakra a kind of overall super structure of the chakras: where every imbalance in any of the chakras will influence the Crown Chakra, and every opening of the Crown rebalances the structure of all the other chakras.

The level of vibration of the Crown Chakra is the highest and most powerful and intense from all the chakras, but it is also the most refined, and it is almost unnoticeable for those who have a more gross and shallow perceptions. Wherein all the other chakras are facing forward or down, the Crown Chakra is the only chakra facing up, opening up towards the sky and the heavens. Once awakened, the Crown Chakra serves a magnet pulling up, subliming the energies from the all the other chakras.
Prayer and genuine spiritual practice of any form will open the Crown Chakra. Ignoring the spiritual aspects of life will close it. Full awareness to the present moment, whatever that moment will be, will open the crown chakra, being distracted by the past or future will close it. The plants: Basil, Gotu Kola, and Lem Domnesc will open it, and alcohol, drugs and eating meat or industrial food will close it. Humility, faith and innocence open this chakra, arrogance, skeptic attitude and violence close. Attachments to the material, social and emotional planes will close it, and detachment from these 3 levels will open this Chakra, naturally effortlessly.

In The tradition of Tantra and Yoga, it is not easy to find many direct descriptions of this chakra. There is no element related to it, no symbolic animal, only the light of 1000 suns that would shine together in the sky, could represent the spiritual light which may radiate from the Crown of each one us, if we awaken truly the immense potential of this chakra.

The texts of Tantra and yoga such as the “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” and the “Shiva Samhita” mention that the color which is prevails this chakra is bright white light. And as this light broken to all colors of the rainbow, which can be mixed again and united into the bright light, so all the chakras a derived from and can return to the Crown Chakra.

Even outside of the systems of Tantra and Yoga, we can see that bright white light is associated to the Crown Chakra. In Christian iconography we can find a white hallow around the heads of saints. In some Christian sects they often shave the hair exactly in the area of the Crown Chakra, in the Jewish tradition the “Kippa” is often mentioned as a symbolic item meant to orient the attention to the Crown Chakra. In the American Indian tradition of the Hoppy tribe we can find the following information concerning the area of the fontanel*** where the Crown Chakra is located: “Here (in the top of the head), when he was born, there was a soft spot, the “open door” from where he received life and connection from the creator”.

The opening of the crown chakra is slow and gradual it may begin by simply focus on the area of the fontanel*** long enough with a continues attention, either in meditation posture, while doing head stand or even during day. This continues focus will bring on, more and more energy that will awaken this chakra gradually.

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