The Root Chakra: What is it about? (part 1 of 2)

The Root Chakra: What is it about? (part 1 of 2)

Grounded to the Root Chakra

They tend to save, they prefer stable couple life over sexual adventures and their consciousness is trapped in the body and in its sustenance. This is how people who have a predominance in the first chakra appear.

The first Chakra is the root Chakra. It’s sanskrit name is Muladhara. It is situated in the perineum area between the anus and genitals and is in charge of managing the vital energies of the being, serving as a ‘battery’ of raw basic energies for the body and mind.

A good activation of this Chakra can give a person a great force of action and stamina to go on without the need for rest. When this chakra is closed or out of balance one remains depleted, agitated and in constant fatigue and restlessness.

The base chakra is the root of the being. It has the role of allowing us to be nourished from the earth creating solidity, stillness and strength. When feeling tired or weak, working in a focused way on this chakra will refill our batteries and give us fresh new force to continue.

When the first chakra is balanced signs will appear on the physical level. The body of both men and women will grow: muscles may grow for men, and women will become more round but solid. With a strong root chakra the appetite is big, the sense of smell is developed the body looks more square. The eye gaze is stable and sometimes a bit dull. Body movement is slow and the voice deep and loud.

When this Chakra is underdeveloped a person will be too thin, with little appetite for food and for life, lacking energy and practical intelligence. The body will move in an agitated and fragmented way, the eyes will be restless and the whole structure very fragile.
When the root chakra is activated excessively in an imbalanced way a person will be overweight, lazy, heavy physically and emotionally. The animal in such human beings is dominant in its gross and limiting ways.

Saving to relieve the existential anxiety

The root chakra is connected to the earth element and is described in Indian, Chinese and European alchemy as the force which makes things solid, stable and condensed. The earth element is in charge of gravity, which gives stable structure to the world but also limits it. The earth pulls us towards her, and does not allow us to fly, but also prevents us from being scattered. The earth spins around its own axis and so a person who is dominant in this chakra spins around their own axis. He or she has a stable foundation in life and the fulfillment of their basic physical needs; the ‘bare necessities’ of life.

So a person on the first chakra will live their life in order to fulfill their simple needs and once those are fulfilled he or she will not look for an adventure, but rather put their recourses in fortifying what they already have. Once the basic needs are fulfilled such a person will spend their time resting or in simple harmless hobbies such as carpentry, gardening, cooking or watching TV.

In our inner world the first chakra creates patience, perseverance, materialism and careful planning for the future. In this chakra we also find the primordial survival fears of man. If this level predominates, we might experience an ongoing existential anxiety for our safety, not just from physical attacks but also from the risk of poverty. For these reason such people will tend to save their money rather than to go on vacation, in this way reducing some of the anxiety and giving a sense of security for the future.

Practicing yoga and meditation at the level of the root chakra can give us three fundamental gifts. The first is that of great courage in front of life and even in front of death. The second gift is mental stability, a steadiness of attention which is crucial for focus in meditation and developing a single pointed mind. The third one is sharp practical intelligence to get things done simply and efficiently.

Being in nature opens and harmonises this chakra as well as simple physical work. A life of routine with the same eating and sleeping times, without many surprises, can also bring peace and harmony to this level as well as travelling.

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