The Root Chakra – Muladhara People (part 2 of 2)

The Root Chakra – Muladhara People (part 2 of 2)

People to rely on

On the level of action, people with a harmonious and powerful root chakra are people you can trust to finish what they have started and to overcome with determination all possible obstacles on the way.

They are responsible people but without too much initiative and creativity. They are good in following orders but their heads are not filled with bright ideas. The hobbits and even more so the gnomes from the Lord or the Rings, who work in mines under the earth with joy and greed, are good archetypal figures for living from the first chakra.

The relationship at the level of the root chakra is that of the hunter and the hunted. The other person is perceived through the lens of survival, and is classified as an enemy, ally or sexual object quite quickly. The relationships here are governed by physical and economic power.
In romantic partnerships people of this level will search for a steady, continuous relationship which fulfills their basic needs. They are loyal to their partners and have a deep anxiety for any change or possible end of the relationship. They would always prefer routine and security to some risky and exciting relationship. The routine in the relationship helps to reduce any anxiety and give them the sense that life is predictable and not threatening.

Locked in the flesh

The consciousness of people at this level is very much locked in the flesh and they identify all their emotional needs with the needs of the flesh. They cannot be approached with sophisticated philosophy or abstract art. They would be much more interested in talking about a good meal, sports, shopping, construction or even the weather. If it is not concert?? they are not interested in it.
The aboriginal culture from Australia is a good example of a society which has a very developed root chakra. They are very connected to the earth and the ways of nature, and the sound of the monotonic deep vibration of the didgeridoo is very similar in frequency to that of the root chakra, Muladhara.

Spirituality related to this level is shamanistic, animistic, pagan. Simple magical rituals, negotiation with demi gods and connecting to the subtle forces of nature and prayer for attaining success in battle, or on the material level, are all related to this chakra. At this level spirituality is only serving the material level. In higher chakras this changes and the material level is the one serving the spiritual levels.
In the Yoga tradition this chakra is described as a wheel with four arms, symbolizing the four seasons and the four cardinal directions. The dominant color is clay yellow and blood red is it’s secondary color. The symbolic animal is an elephant. The patience, strength and heaviness of the elephant represents many of the qualities of this chakra. The divine being who guards this chakra is Ganesha who brings abundance and removes the obstacles on the way to success.

Exercise to strengthen the root chakra, Muladhara

To balance an energetic lack of energy at this level, yoga offers the forward bending posture Padahastasana (hand under feet pose). To practice this posture we stand with our legs and knees straight bending the trunk forward aiming to reach our toes with our fingers, or at least bending forward with our neck relaxed.

Once in the pose close the eyes and relax into it. If there is some discomfort continue to relax into it, focusing on the energy of the earth entering our legs as if we had roots in the soles of our feet. Feel how we become more vital and stable and how our root chakra and vital energies are regenerating.

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