Mahasiddha – Yoga Classes and Tantra school in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Yoga & Tantra Classes
1 class: 220 Bt
monthly pass: 700 Bt
double monthly pass: 1200 Bt
*monthly pass holders receive 20% discount on Saturday events

regular workshops (3h): 250 Bt   

Multi-Course Pass
10 stamps pass: 1200 Bt  
*1 stamp valid for 1 session classes/groups/dances, 2 stamps for one 3h-Workshop

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Yoga, Tantra, Retreats, Workshops & more

Our spiritual yoga school offers an oasis of tranquility and is home to classes in Yoga and Tantra, along with inspiring workshops, lectures and intensive retreats. Here, the old spiritual secrets come to life, through simple, yet deep and authentic, spiritual techniques.

Through the practice of Tantric Yoga become aware of who we truly are and who we can become. We invite you to try a yoga class and discover the amazing transformations that are possible for you.

Find our yoga studio on 49 Chang Lor Rd, T. Haiya Mueang, Chiang Mai Thailand or call us at 0613-784-194 or 0625-833-285


Group practicing Hatha Yoga


We offer a weekly TANTRA course giving a gradual journey through the chakra-s and open YOGA classes with yoga practice, theory and meditation several days per week. 

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Five people in workshop with teacher smiling


Every other Saturday 4:30-7:00pm we keep workshops on a variety of subjects from the yoga, tantra, meditation and inner growth & healthy living universe.

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Group practicing Hatha Yoga


In our monthly 3 to 7 days retreats you can dive fully into yoga practice, meditation and healthy life style in a wonderful soothing atmosphere in a ashram palace out in nature.

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Free Events & more

Visit our free events every Sunday (eg. Kirtans, movie nights, meditation) or one of our community activities like lounges, dances, heart circles and more.

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5-Day Tantra Immersion level 1 & 2
Jan 17-21

This 5 day (+ 5 days optional) course focuses on elevating consciousness and living a full, abundant life, walking the path of Tantra and Yoga to the heights of spiritual development down to the depth and richness of the heart. Level 2 available in Jan 2017 as well.

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3 Days Discovering Life’s Purpose
Feb 2-4

A life that has meaning and purpose is wonderful and fulfilling. This 3 day course focuses on exploring the soul and the path to your own life’s purpose in the light of spirituality.

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Polarity Tantra Retreat with Advaita
Feb 17 – 23

Finally! Our Teacher Advaitananda is coming to Thailand for the first time to teach an amazing Tantra retreat about the sacred couple relationship and the polarity of masculine and feminine. Read more

What our students say…

Beautiful Experiences

If you’re looking for amazing yoga and wonderful meditation, Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai is the best. I have attended the retreats and the classes many times. My body feels great and more energized after the end of each class. The group activities really touch your heart. The teachers are all fantastic. I absolutely recommend it.


Shareholder & Regional Manager, C.P.S Distributor , THAILAND

This school has literally transformed my life…on many levels.

Just a few months of retreats and classes at Tantra Yoga Chiang Mai have massively changed me…to a point that I probably wouldn’t have reached after 20 years of my “usual” life. I’ve tried out many, many yoga schools, styles and teachers; read many books; attended retreats, seminars and online courses. None of them reached my core and resonated with my being in a way that the teaching of Uriel and Blandine does. You get inspiration and concrete guidance to grow to your full potential in every aspect of your life. And all that with so much heart and love; it is just amazing! This school shows me the way to true happiness and fulfillment, that I was looking for in so many other ways and things in life. And I already got very nice pieces of it from the very beginning.


Engineer, GERMANY

This has changed my life and relationship.

Two weeks after the Polarity Retreat, I can now reflect back on it as being one of the most profound life changing experiences I ever had. Blandine and Uriel are a blessing! Not only do they guide you through yoga, meditation and the basics of tantra, but they LIVE what they speak about! Their way of teaching is authentic, pleasant, engaging and fun. I could listen to them for hours, sucking all the knowlege in. If you want to invest in your own growth, visit Uriel and Blandine’s classes in their Chiang Mai center or come to one of their retreats. It will be totally worth it!

Natalia B

Digital Nomad, GERMANY