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Yoga Retreat: Lucid Dreaming

SEPTEMBER 21 to 25

COMING UP NEXT! Join us for a 5 days retreat away from traffic and city lights, in the beautiful Amaravati Resort at the foot of the mountain for a relaxing and initiating tantric mystical retreat to awaken your body, mind and soul. We will study and practice: Lucid dreaming, the art and stages of meditation, how to identify altered states of consciousness and how to move further from one level of consciousness to the next with time to relax and get to know each other. We look forward to dream and practice with you!

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Six Days Tantra Immersion

OCTOBER 4 to 8 | DECEMBER 13 to 17

Tantra teaches us the true art of living, embracing body, mind, emotions and relationships as gateways to fulfillment and spiritual growth. The Tantra Immersion modules offer a deep and systematic study of Tantra Yoga in theory and practice in a six days intensive study. The course is filled with lectures, yoga practice, meditation and interactive workshop activities.

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Tantra Retreat: On Polarity


In this retreat we will explore Tantra for Men and for Women as well as the magic game of attraction. The retreat – away from the day to day life immersed in spiritual teachings and practice – offers a unique opportunity to dive deep into yourself for a potentially life-changing experience. We will practice yoga and meditation and study about tantric principles, sexuality, love relationships and more.

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EVENT SCHEDULE – Weekly Classes, Workshops & more

Try out a variety of our yoga studio’s events and activities to discover Yoga and Tantra and their benefits for your mind, body and soul. All these events are taught by experienced teachers and are suitable for beginners and advanced practitioners. We look forward to welcome you to our studio soon!


Open Yoga 
Tantra for Men
Tantra for Women 
Tantric Yoga
Tantra Workshop 
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Free Yoga 
Free Kirtan
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Free  Movie 

See the current events, subjects and details of this week on our facebook event page – click here! 

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Yoga and Tantra in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Mahasiddha Yoga School


Our spiritual Chiang Mai yoga school offers an oasis of tranquillity and is home to classes in Yoga and Tantra, along with inspiring workshops, lectures and intensive retreats. Here the old spiritual secrets are coming to life, through simple yet deep and authentic spiritual techniques, which bring a large variety of positive transformations.

Through the practice of Tantric Yoga we gain awareness of who we truly are and what we can become. We invite you to try a class, and discover the amazing transformations that are possible for you.

Whether you are a complete novice or a well-travelled practitioner, our teachers hold studio classes, courses and events that will help you attain your happiest, most fulfilled and sincere self.

Find our yoga studio on 19 Soi 6 Sam Lan, Prasing Mueang Chiang Mai District, Chiang Mai 50200 or call us 06 13 78 41 94


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Transform your life! 
… through the practice and
wisdom of Tantra Yoga

Group practicing Hatha Yoga


We offer a weekly TANTRA course giving a gradual journey through the chakra-s and open YOGA classes with yoga practice, theory and meditation several days per week. 

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Every other Saturday 4:30-7:00pm we keep workshops on a variety of subjects from the yoga, tantra, meditation and inner growth & healthy living universe.

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In our monthly 3 to 7 days retreats you can dive fully into yoga practice, meditation and healthy life style in a wonderful soothing atmosphere in a ashram palace out in nature.

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Free Events & more

Visit our free events every Sunday (eg. Kirtans, movie nights, yoga trial, meditation) or one of our community activities like lounges, tantra for men and tantra for women groups, heart circle and more.

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